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The Phonics Game

Phonics Game

Learn to read with The Phonics Game™, then practice and reinforce new skills with the Fun Zone CD-Rom and the phonetic readers!

What is The Phonics Game™?
The Phonics Game™ is a total phonetic reading system, cleverly disguised as a series of fun, interactive games. In fact, itís six great games your children will love to play over and over. The Phonics GameJust put the videos into the VCR and learn all about phonics, then play along! Learning is rapid because children continually see, hear and speak the sounds letters make as they play. Because the games are fun, your children will want to learn.

Why does The Phonics Game™ Work?
With phonics, instead of having to memorize literally thousands of words, you need only learn the 44 sounds of the English language and how to use them in order to become a better, more precise reader. With The Phonics Game™, your children will learn all 44 sounds as well as 43 spelling rules. Your children wonít realize how much theyíre learning, because they will be so engaged in the interaction and competition. Also, if your child has had difficulty in reading before, the game format will be a new, non-threatening approach to this vital skill. As they play, children not only learn essential phonics skills; they improve their spelling and comprehension skills, too!

Here's what is included with The Phonics Game™:

  • 6 Progressive Double Deck Card Games
  • 3 Video Tapes
  • Play Book
  • The Phonics Game Fun Zone CD-Rom
  • Sounds & Spelling Audio CD
  • A Free Gift (Raising Smart Kids Audio CD)
  • Let's Read CD-ROM (Phonetic Readers & Reading Selections)

Why are the Fun Zone CD-ROM and Phonetic Readers so important?
The Phonics Game Fun Zone is a computer game that entertains and teaches. The Phonics Game Fun Zone lets your children practice their new Phonics Game™ skills independently. Itís like hiring a private phonics tutor. Meet Louie the Alligator, a colorful animated carnival barker who guides your children through a series of six action-packed and fully interactive carnival events. Each attraction corresponds to a particular Phonics Game™ lesson, so children are motivated to play and learn.

The Phonetic Readers build your childís reading confidence. Reading an entire book as a wonderful accomplishment for a young reader and the Phonetic Readers make it possible. Instead of using "sight" words that can frustrate young readers, the Phonetic Readers were written to progressively follow the skills learned in The Phonics Game™. There are 10 entertaining and beautifully illustrated books in the series - each one just the right length to help ensure success and encourage children to keep reading. Talk about a confidence builder for your child!

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