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Phonics Guide

Phonics is the understanding that there is a predictable relationship between the letters of written language and the individual sounds of spoken language.  More ...

Questions and Answers about Phonics

Most teachers are acquainted with several approaches to phonics instruction. The distinctions between approaches are not absolute, and some programs of instruction combine approaches. Teaching phonics ...

Phonics programs teach students how to decode printed material. They don't provide students with the meaning of those words. After phonics, students need to develop their vocabulary.  Learn how ...

What is The Phonics Game™?
The Phonics Game™ is a total phonetic reading system, cleverly disguised as a series of fun, interactive games. In fact, it's six great games your children will love to play over and over. The Phonics Game - Request informationJust put the videos into the VCR and learn all about phonics, then play along! Learning is rapid because children continually see, hear and speak the sounds letters make as they play. Because the games are fun, your children will want to learn.

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